Azeri Defence Ministry Unveils Updated List of Martyrs Buried by December 21

Azerbaijan’s Defence Ministry has updated the list of Azerbaijani servicemen buried by December 21. In a report posted on its official website, the ministry said that 2,802 soldiers, who were martyred in the 44-day war, have been buried by December 21, AzerNews reported.

The ministry presented the photos, names, surnames, updated information about military ranks and date of birth of the buried martyrs.

It should be noted that currently, work is underway on finding up to 40 servicemen considered as missing and the identification of more than 60 persons, whose identity has not yet been established. Information on this will periodically be presented to the country’s public, the ministry said.

In the list unveiled by the ministry on December 15, the number of buried martyrs made up 2,756. The Patriotic War of Azerbaijan lasted from September 27 to November 9, 2020 and ended with the liberation of its occupied territories from the Armenian armed forces.