Southern Ukraine Regions Under Massive Missile Attack

Russian troops launched a massive missile attack, including with aviation, on southern Ukraine from the Black Sea Tuesday morning during which several air-based missiles were fired, the Ukrainian South Operational Command reported as quoted by Ukrinform.

In addition, the Russian missile attack targeting Odesa Region has hit detached houses in coastal settlements, causing fires, but preliminary data shows there are no casualties among civilians.

Russian troops also attacked Mykolaiv Region’s port infrastructure with the S-300 missile system from the temporarily occupied area of the Kherson Region, damaging a local car market and other open areas.

Rescuers are working at the scene so the information about potential casualties and the scale of destruction is yet to be checked.

However, the South Operational Command claims that the situation on the southern front is remaining challenging but is controlled by the Ukrainian defense forces.

Ukrainian officials noted that the Russian air attacks have also intensified in the Russian-occupied Donetsk region, with missiles hitting the cities of Bakhmut, Kramatorsk, Chasiv Yar, Sloviansk, and Kostyantynivka and the surrounding villages.

After at least 10 rockets were fired at the town of Chuhuiv, southeast of Kharkiv, by Russian troops, rescuers continue to search under the rubble for more survivors.

Meanwhile, after Ukrainian troops shelled the territory of the Budyonnovsk district in the Donetsk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine, a huge fire, tens of meters high, broke out at an oil depot but, so far, no casualties or injuries have been reported.

Previously, the South Operational Command bragged that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have destroyed a command center of Russia’s 11th Guards Air Assault Brigade and an ammunition depot near Piatykhatky.

Six Russian deployment sites were struck seven times by Ukraine’s aviation over the past day, including ammunition and military equipment clusters and a command center in Kherson Region’s Beryslav District, and one in Kherson District.