Ukraine Lied to NATO over the Missile Strike in Poland, Diplomat Claims

An unnamed diplomat from a NATO country accuses Kyiv of openly lying about the recent missile strike that killed two civilians in Poland, calling it a ridiculous situation in which Kyiv’s leadership is destroying confidence.

While NATO, the US, and Poland have pointed out that there’s no evidence to suggest Moscow’s direct involvement in the incident, Ukraine rushed to pin the blame on Russia with President Vladimir Zelensky insisting that Ukraine had nothing to do with the missile that struck Przewodow.

Zelensky went as far as to accuse Moscow of attacking the entire NATO, pointing out that the incident showed the need for something they demanded since February- for NATO to “close the sky” over Ukraine.

He insisted that Ukrainian investigators should be given access to the crash site, pointing out that Kyiv will have to apologize if it turns out that it was indeed a Ukrainian rocket, but only after they get access to all the data from the investigation.

The diplomat says that although nobody is blaming Kyiv for the incident, Ukrainians are openly lying and destroying their allies’ confidence in them, which is more destructive than the missile and is getting ridiculous, as he noted.

Moscow has also condemned Kyiv’s efforts to paint it as the perpetrator in an attempt to trigger a direct clash between Russia and NATO.

Seeking to minimize the incident, however, both NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and US Defense secretary Lloyd Austin have also argued that Russia was the ultimate culprit behind the incident for bombing Ukraine in the first place.

Meanwhile, the US and NATO have also described the missile as an air defense rocket that strayed, with Warsaw and Moscow both identifying it as a Russian-made S-300 air defense missile that, as Russia pointed out, was in Ukrainian service and used by the Air Force of Ukraine.