Colombian Federation Warns about Anti-Union Violence

Anti-union violence continues to date in Colombia, as a result of the insufficient response to this scourge by the Duque administration, the Federation for Education Workers (FECODE) has warned as quoted by Prensa Latina.

Through Twitter, the labor organization pointed out that such phenomenon is an obstacle to exercising freedom of association and the defense of rights, while reviewing a report that includes the issue in the agendas in crisis.

The material prepared by the Labor Information Agency references statistics from the International Institute of Peace and Development Studies from January 1, 2020 to November 3, which highlights that 251 social leaders were assassinated in this period.

On the other hand, it gives an account of a report this year from the International Trade Union Confederation that ratifies Colombia in the third place among the worst States for workers in the world.

The Human Rights Information System of the National Trade Union School, cited by the Federation, shows that for more than three decades trade unionists and unions have been victims of different forms of violence, without having been compensated.

Among these, it adds, there have been 3,277 homicides, 428 attacks on life, 253 forced disappearances, 7,541 death threats, and 1,952 forced displacements. Some 955 union leaders were assassinated, it concludes.